Interventional Radiology

Department of radiology offers clinical services to the entire hospital for Inpatient and Outpatient. The clinical structure of department is organised in the following subspecialty divisions.

Conventional and Procedural Radiology :

This division is equipped with 3 high frequency generator general radiography units with image intensifier facility. It has recently installed state of the art digital radiology equipment, The DRX evolution. This versatile, compact fully automatic unit is the 1'st installation in South East Asia. This equipment has a 43x43cm detector and is fully motorised, ceiling mounted unit with auto positioning and autotracking technology. This 36kw generator DRX has a VARIAN X-ray tube. The DR unit has potential of viewing in X-ray image within 5 sec of exposure. The department is also equiped with 500 MA & 300 MA X-ray and fluoroscopy unit. In additional it has 4 portable X-ray units with a proposal for portable DR unit of 2"nd quarter of 2011. Radiology department of Ruby Hall Clinic has computerised radiography with installation of CR 140, CR 975 & CR 800 installed in various section of hospital with seamless intergration of diagnostic imaging. All radiology printing is done on DRYVIEW laser cameras. These are high quality, high speed laser imagers with environmental friendly foot print. The X-ray department does 50,000 x-rays per year.

Women's Imaging :

This section is run by lady consultant radiologists and is equipped with high resolution Ultrasound, state of the art Mammography unit and BMD (DEXA). MR mammography facilities are also available in the centre. The department is also integral part of the breast cancer awareness programme. All Ultrasonography and mammography guided procedures for breast is performed in the unit. The BMD (DEXA) clinic performs imaging for osteoporosis.

Ultrasonography and color Doppler :

This division provides a comprehensive range of procedures, whole body sonography, biopsy, drainage and other USG guided procedures in the department. The unit has high resolution probes with facilities of Transvaginal, Transrectal and superficial soft tissue as well as musculoskeletal USG. A portable and intraoperative ultrasonography are also provided for Intensive care unit and Trauma patient as well as for intraoperative purpose. The department of ultrasonography and color Doppler has high frequency probe for arterial and venous color doppler facilities for Inpatient and Outpatient. Intraoperative endovascular sonography guided laser ablation of varicose vein treatment is also offered in conjunction with vascular surgery department.

CT Scan division :

The hospital is equipped with high resolution multislice CT scanner (Brilliance 40). This unit was installed in 2005 has completed over 50,000 patients. It routinely performs whole body CT scan and all angiographies including CT coronaries. The unit propelled Ruby Hall radiology in national as well as international limelight for doing pioneering work in CT coronary Angiography since 2005.All CT guided drainage procedures, biopsy and intervention is performed in the department. The hospital intends to install 256 slice cr scanner in 3'rd quarter of 2011.

MR Division :

This unit has 1.5T MR unit which is first compact ultra high field MRI installation in Asia (Achieva, Philips Medical System, Netherlands). The system installed in 2007 has performed more than 40,000 examinations. The department has MR Spectroscopy, MR Perfusion, MR Angiogram,MR cardiac, MR Breast and fMRI facilities. The department has performed pioneering work in the field of Neuro Onco Imaging, Hepato Billiary and Prostate cancer MR as well as perfusion scan for tumours.

Department of Vascular and Interventional radiology :

It Shares DSA facilities with cardiology section using three cathlab DSA suites for performing cerebral, peripheral and non cardiac Angiography procedures. The department also offers peripheral, intracranial interventions like Carotid Angioplasty, Vertebro basilar stenting, Aneurysm coil embolisation and AVM Non vascular intervention is also offered in the form of Trans-Jugular Liver Biopsy, TIPS, TACE & RF Ablation. The department of radiology is fully digital and has a internal PACS systems for electro archiving facilities. The radiology department closely works in collaboration with molecular imaging providing radiology services to PET CT unit. CT and MR guided stereotactic procedures are performed in the unit. The clinical staff at the centre is highly experienced over combined experience of 70yrs amongst seven consultant radiologist. It is a leading centre for post graduate training in radiology and runs a DNB training programme. It regularly conducts radiology conferences and updates. The consultants and staff has contributed extensively to clinical research and publications in national and international journals.

The Radiology faculty :

1. Dr. Avinash Nanivadekar - Director (Imaging & Radiology Mgt) - Mon to Sat - 9:00am - 5:00pm

2. Dr. Joshita Singh - Consultant (Radiology & Radio-diagnosis)- Mon to Sat - 11:00am - 7:00pm

3. Dr.Yogesh Yadav - Interventional Radiology Mon to Sat - 9:00am - 5:00pm

4. Dr. Vipashyana J. - Junior Consultant(Radiology& Radio-diagnosis) Mon to Sat - 11:00am - 7:00pm

5.Dr. Prashant Dev - Consultant (Radiology & Radio-diagnosis) - Mon to Sat - 11:00am - 7:00pm

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