Medical Social Work

The Medical Social Work (MSW) Department works closely with Ruby Hall Clinic’s team of health care professionals to ensure high quality care for patients and their families. This Department was initiated way back in 1990. Today, we have five full-fledged Medical Social Workers employed with Ruby Hall Clinic who work in different departments of the hospital. Mrs. Arati Gokhale – H.O.D. Medical social work Department & Transplant Coordinator Mrs. Surekha Joshi – Sr. Medical Social Worker & Eye Bank Manager Mrs. Subhashini Naorem – Medical Social Worker (Cardiac & Pediatrics) Ms. Trupti Thanekar – Medical Social Worker (Oncology) Mrs. Kavita Bingardeve – Medical Social Worker (Grief counselor) Mr. Aba Thokale – Grief Counselor Medical Social workers provide a unique and integral part of patient care by attending to social, environmental, financial and emotional needs of the patients and families across the continuum of care offered by the various programs and services at Ruby Hall Clinic. Referrals for Medical Social Workers are received from doctors, nurses, other health care team members, patients and/or their relatives, community agencies or other persons having a direct interest in the patient. At Ruby Hall Clinic, Medical social work services are available to patients and families throughout all phases of patient’s treatment including preventive, diagnostic, and Rehabilitation.

As a Medical Social Worker :

Counseling for patients/family members to promote optimal emotional health and coping. Organize support group activities. This support is extended not just to the patients but also to family members, friends and health care professionals. Support is offered through complementary therapies, counseling, information and educational and supportive programs. Give information about and referral to community resources for assistance with financial concerns, transportation issues, and lodging during treatment. Provide assistance for patients who are in need of financial help. Give the information about disease and referral to service organizations. Organize in-house training to other members of the healthcare team.

Functions of Medical social worker :

Psychosocial Assessment: The MSW provides assessment of the patient and family, as to the patient’s illness, physical/mental, needs, education and other relevant information. The purpose of this assessment is to assist in the development of the patient’s treatment and discharge plans in concert with the physician, nursing staff and other health care team members involved with the patient. Psychosocial Interventions: Interventions to help and encourage a patient/family in adjusting to illness, disability and/or hospitalization in order that the maximum potential for physical, psychological and social recovery can be attained; Grief and loss counseling, and support groups are also offered.

Community Outreach Programs :

Ruby Hall Clinic has steadfastly dedicated itself to building a healthier community. It is our continuing tradition to work toward improving access to health care for all people, to create awareness by educating people, to do screening camps and to develop collaborative relationships for the benefit of the entire community.

Care Coordination :

At times the hospital can be a confusing and complex environment and the medical care provided may be difficult to understand.

MSW can further assist with :

  • Communication Between the patient’s Family & the Medical Team
  • Pre- and Post-Care Planning/Preparations
  • Clarification of How the Hospital Functions
  • Motivating the patient & relatives to co-operate in the treatment.
  • Educating the patient and staff.
  • Involving in the patient follow-up.
  • Rehabilitation of patient.
  • Conducting session & crisis intervention.
  • Conducting social researches.
  • Guiding the patient for fund raising.
  • Supervising the Student social worker/ student counselor.
  • Networking with other agencies.
  • Awareness about organ donation.

Organizing the activities for patients & relatives like :

  • Get together of NICU, NTU, BMV patients.
  • Thalassemia support group meeting & annual picnic.
  • Donor’s day celebration for Kidney transplants patients.
  • Rose day celebration for cancer patients.
  • Children’s day & Christmas day celebration.
  • Eye bank workshop & felicitation program for donors.

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