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The Speech and language department of Ruby Hall Clinic caters to communication- related conditions. Thus, problems related to comprehension, speech and language, reading, writing, and basic arithmetic skills would be cared for by the therapist.

Amongst children, conditions may relate to:

  • Delay in acquisition of speech and language,
  • Unclear, unintelligible speech,
  • Fluency-related aspects [primary hesitancy, stammering],
  • Children with special needs [those with hearing-challenge, autism, cerebral palsy, mental challenge, developmental delays]
  • Children with neurological conditions
  • Children with learning differences
  • Children with cleft lip and/ or palate
  • Voice-related issues

Amongst adults, conditions may relate to:

  • Unclear, unintelligible speech
  • Fluency-related disorders [stammering /stuttering, cluttering]
  • Voice –related conditions [mainly seen in teachers, lawyers, singers, hawkers, harried mothers, vocal-cord paralysis, cancer larynx, among others]
  • Adults with Parkinson’s Disease, Myasthenia Gravis, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions
  • Individuals affected by strokes
  • Road accident victims
  • Cancer of any structure related to speech
  • Adults with special needs
  • Children and adults with swallowing-related disorders would also benefit from therapy.

Therapy is a team effort. Members would comprise of :

  • Doctors[medical and surgical specialists, neurologists, pediatricians, ENTs, oncologists, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, maxillo-facial surgeons, dentists, orthodontists, among others]
  • Audiologists, physio- and occupational –therapists
  • Opticians
  • Psychologists and counselors
  • Remedial teachers and special educators
  • Social workers Teachers
  • Parents

Workshops :

The department also holds workshops for teachers, parents and professionals from related fields. The topics covered are:

  • Speech and language development in children, and related issues
  • Communication skills
  • Early detection of children with possible special needs
  • Spelling and reading made easy
  • Voice care and enhancement
  • Value - based professional services
  • Workshops for expectant mothers
  • Communication skills for nursing staff

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