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The Department of Anaesthesia aims to provide the highest standard of evidence-based, patient-centred care across the full range of surgical services provided at Ruby Hall Clinic.

The Anesthetic Department also runs an Acute Pain Service throughout the hospital and provides Painless delivery (labour analgesia) for pregnant women in the maternity unit and a 24-hour epidural post-op pain relief service for all the surgical patients. Anaesthetic services are also available in the CT and MRI scanners and the GI Endoscopy Unit.

The department is equipped with latest gadgets for anaesthesia monitoring and modern anaesthesia work station for the conduct of anaesthesia which also includes anaesthesia gas monitoring. The department also has a dedicated fibre-optic bronchoscope and a portable ultrasound machine for peripheral nerve blocks and central line placement.

The Department of Anesthesia is recognized by the National Board of Education, for training students for DNB (Diplomate of National Board) in Anaesthesia. The department is academically active and regular teaching program is run in the department. DNB students are encouraged to actively participate in departmental teaching activities and have an excellent record of success for DNB exams. We regularly organize CMEs for the DNB students and encourage them to attend regional and national conferences.

Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine - Ruby Hall Clinic

Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine

The role of an anesthesiologists is primarily to ensure the complete safety and well-being of patients before, during and after surgery. Various techniques of administering Anaesthesia are practiced as per current updation and modernisation whether it be General Anaesthesia ( patient completely unconsciousness, controlling the vital functions of the body to ensure pain relief and relaxation), Regionla anaesthesia (making a portion of the limb or body numb by administering local anaesthetic) or providing sedation where we allay anxiety and keep the patinet calm.

We are responsible for the preoperative preparedness and assessment of the patient,to assess existing ailments, addictions, general condition, ability to withstand surgical stress (especially in extremes f age and critically ill patients) andd make judgments about the safest anesthesia plan which needs to be individualised to each patient. We also responsible for the well being of the patient postoperatively while the patient emerges from the effects of anesthesia. They are often involved in the management of acute postoperative pain, as well as chronic and cancer pain.

About The Department

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The Department boasts of 13 consultants, 3 senior residents and students uder the DNB and CPS programme, and fellows training for the post doctoral fellowship. Our department provides anaesthesia services for over fifteen surgical sub-specialties. Recently, we have added advanced Robotic-anaesthesia into our armamentarium and have facilitated over 100-major ROBOT-aided surgeries. Our Department provides round-the-clock consultant-based anaesthesia services for incoming elective/ emergency surgical patients that run into over ??? annually.

STATE-OF–THE-ART- Techniques

We have incorporated the latest and have the latest equipments and use patient safety monitors: specific hemodynamic monitoring for fluid administration, optimization during critical/long surgery (stroke-volume variation),  ultrasound-aided nerve-blocks, .

Facilities Offered

The Department of Anaesthesiology, Pain and Perioperative Medicine, offers host of clinical services, academic-training and research. Apart from the provision of routine clinical anesthesia, we impart DNB-postgraduate Training (Anesthesiology), Fellowship (pain relief services, liver-transplant anaesthesia)Observership (general anesthesia, liver-transplant anesthesia, pain management) and opportunity for new MBBS-graduates under the Compulsory Rotatory Internship programme.

Key Service

Clinical Anesthesia
The presence of a collective anaesthesia practice system in our Department has facilitated the experts/consultants???? to manage???? operations-a-day along with active teaching (3-year postgraduate DNB training, operation-theatre technologists/scrub-nurse training. All the anesthetic episodes are fully controlled and covered by designated consultants only. We provide anesthesia care delivery (Clinical Anesthesia, Postoperative Intensive Care) to over fifteen surgical specialty-areas (liver/kidney transplantation, major knee/hip replacements, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, robotic thoracic/urologic/minimal access interventions, etc.) for scheduled/emergent surgical intervention. Over the last couple of decades, we have been pioneers in Anesthesiology service-provision in the surgical sub-specialty area, including but not restricted to, thoracic, bariatric, laparoscopic/robotic, organ transplant (liver, kidney and heart), bariatric, oncosurgery, , plastic and reconstruction, oncoplastic breast surgery, minimally invasive, day care surgeries, laparoscopic and general surgery, neurosurgical and pediatric anesthesia, etc. Anesthesia services are rolled out from the dedicated operation rooms (ORs, n=18), a day-care system and an intensive care back-up. All the operation theatres are modular and are fully-equipped with safety features.

Objectives And Vision

The Department of Anaesthesiology, Pain and Perioperative Medicine has been constantly following a ‘review®renew’ agenda for over five-years now. Based on the above, we have set internal standards in the form of system-operating-procedures (SOPs), random policy introduction and application, learning from morbid / critical study cases, and teaching / training of younger members (DNB postgraduates, senior residents, clinical associates, junior consultants). The primary objective is centered on patient safety and satisfaction. We intend to further broaden the scope of diverse procedures, which specifically targets enhancement of current patient care both in terms of content (technical adequacy) and quality (patient-satisfaction). Overall, we aim to follow a set of serial-objectives that are intricately linked and have a prospective step-ladder orientated growth projection. Current objectives are:

  • Patient-oriented anesthesia services
  • Newer approaches to consider and address difficult case-scenarios
  • Bring down internal case-cancellation rate
  • Enhance external referrals
  • Active record-keeping (anaesthesia-related morbidity, successfully-managed critical cases)
  • Structured patient follow-up mechanism with particular attention to high-risk cases, women, children and the elderly

The collective efforts towards objectives (as above) are likely to yield solid, inclusive and comprehensive sustainable mechanisms of anaesthesia-specific health care delivery. We aim to deliver consistently on clinical services as well remain sensitive to immediate/long-term need of surgical patient population coming to SGRH, New Delhi.

Amending The Current, Looking Into The Future

  • Robotic Surgery
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
  • Transplant Surgery (Liver and Kidney)
  • GI Surgery
  • Urology
  • Joint Replacement
  • Plastic & Cosmetic / Maxiofacial Surgery
  • ENT / Ophthalmology
  • & Gynae surgery / Labour Analgesia
  • Acute Pain Management Service
  • Anesthesia outside Operating theater- interventional radiology, neurointervention, vascular intervention, MRI, PET scan, CT scan, Endoscopy

Post Doctoral Certificate Course in Acute Pain Management and Regional Anaesthesia affiliated to Maharashtra University of health Sciences

Our Specialist

Dr. A. K. Agashe

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr. Manisha Karmarkar

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr. Tanima Baronia

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr. Shama Bhagwat

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr. Rajendra Patil

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr. Nandini Londe

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr. Amol Ramkar

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr. Sanjay Sagar

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr. Prachi Surve

Consultant Anaesthetist

Other Broad Specialities

Dental Surgery
General Surgery
Obestetrics & Gynecology
Pain Management & Palliative Care
General Medicine
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