Chennai Based Liver Transplant Institute Ties Up With The Ruby Hall Clinic

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With an aim to provide breakthrough remedies in the area of liver transplants and surgeries, Ruby Hall Clinic has collaborated with Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre, Chennai. The division will be having an all-encompassing and an internationally recognized panel of liver surgeons, transplant surgeons, interventional radiologists, and medical oncologists. The highly experienced and knowledgeable team will be working in tandem to provide a comprehensive diagnosis, progressive treatments and top-most care for the individuals suffering from any kind of liver ailments.

Fact check- Liver Disorders

  • Over lakhs of people suffer from liver problems in the country and various other hepatobiliary conditions.
  • Not every liver condition requires surgery and can be treated without transplantation.
  • Lack of early detection is one of the main reasons for the weakening condition of a person.
  • Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are the two states which have taken the lead in liver treatments.

The Alliance of Ruby Hall and RIMS-

This association plans to create one of the eminent centers in treating liver diseases and transplantations. Dr. Mohamed Rela, (Chairman and Director, RIMC) one of the most highly distinguished doctors,will be performing the liver transplants in Pune city. He will also be having an OPD once a month.

Talking about the initiative in Pune, Dr. Rela said, “For a patient, living with liver disease requires a partnership that includes the patient and a team of multidisciplinary experts who understand the condition. And this is exactly what we provide. Our vision is to develop this centre into one of excellence in liver diseases and transplantation in all of Maharashtra in the near future. We are partners with Ruby Hall Clinic and hope to provide specialised services for liver diseases.

Dr. Kishor Pujari, COO of Ruby Hall Clinic, said, “The centre will show our commitment towards world-class health care and high end infrastructure”.

Key takeaways from the collaboration-

For the longest period of time or years to be more precise, liver ailments have been a matter of grave concern among people. They typically are an alcoholic liver disease,autoimmune hepatitis (C and B), fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis, primary biliary cholangitis and even a few cancers which can start in the liver.

  • To tackle these disorders head-on, a multi-dimensional squad of expert doctors has been appointed.
  • The team is extremely well-experienced to handle the most complex cases and apply innovative methods and infer an adequate diagnosis.
  • New and upcoming infrastructure is also been constructed to keep in sync with the ever-evolving and changing medical and surgical technology.
  • A research facility is also in the pipeline to extract upcoming information about the possible maladies in liver diseases.
  • A separate liver transplant intensive care unit will also be set up (the first in Pune) for the patients.

A liver disease patient requires a perfect union of the right diagnosis and the right direction of treatment in the early stages. And this is exactly what the association of Ruby Hall and RIMS aims to provide; implementing ground-breaking advances in the detection and the early treatments of liver diseases.

Today, Ruby Hall Clinic delivers services that go way beyond traditional healthcare provisions. We will continue to do what we have been doing for over 50 years, which is to continue building on our success through the dedication of our people. We’ll continue to innovate, to explore new and better ways to help people live healthier lives.

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