Understanding Cancer: Type, Diagnose and Treatments

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Cancer is one of the most feared diseases which can certainly be taxing emotionally and physically on the person suffering and the family members.

It can develop almost anywhere in the body and it is a group of more than 100 different diseases. In simple terms, it is an uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells that interfere with the genetic set up of the body.

What is Cancer?

Cells are the main units which make up the body. They are responsible for the effective growth and functioning of the body. In normal conditions, the old cells die and new cells are replaced. The process of cancer starts germinating when genetic changes interfere with this process. There is a rapid growth of cells and eventually, they form a mass called ‘tumor’.

The major types of Cancer-

The types of Cancers are divided from where they begin in the body. In women, breast and cervical cancer is very common while in men Lung and Prostrate Cancer. Colorectal Cancer affects both men and woman.

  • Carcinomas – begins in the skin or the tissues.
  • Sarcomas– develop where the tissues support and connect the body.
  • Leukemia’s– a type of Blood cancer.
  • Lymphomas– a type of cancer that begins in the lymphatic system.

The Diagnosis of Cancer-

Diagnosing cancer at its early stages is one of the sure ways of treating cancer and minimizing its effects. Many times, diagnosis for cancer begins with an unusual symptom that you have never probably experienced.

So a visit to the doctor will surely help.

  • However, please note the fact; there may be sometime no symptoms of cancer and most of the time it is often diagnosed during other health tests.
  • PAP smear test and mammography for women are one of the regular tests which are carried out.
  • But if the doctor is still not sure, then a biopsy is one of the ways of confirming and making a definite diagnosis.

The treatments available for Cancer-

There are various types of Cancer treatments and each one of them depends on the type of cancer the patient is having and how advanced it is.Some of them will have only one treatment, while some will have a combination of them.

The most common treatment are surgery chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Ruby Hall’s Cancer facility includes comprehensive provisions for treating all types of cancers all under one roof.

The departments include Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Research Centre, an ultramodern laboratory. It also has a well-known Bone Marrow transplant unit which is well-known all over Western India.

The institute also has one of the most specialized cancer departments with advanced cancer facilities.

Some of the top services include-

Laboratory Services-It is an advanced unit for disease detection and accurate evaluation.

Stoma Clinic – Treating acute complex cases using advanced surgery.

Clinical Research– Conducting various trials and upcoming research techniques on current cancer treatments.

Support Center– A counselling center for patients and families.

Ruby Hall Clinic has also acquired the country’s first-ever PRT-CT Scanner in the year 2008. The institute has been pioneering ahead in its ‘fight against cancer’. PRT is the fusion of imaging technology by combining Emission tomography with Computerized Tomography. It is a revolutionary method in ‘Ultimate Cancer Diagnosis’ . 

It is particularly useful in-

  • Detecting whether the person is having cancer or not.
  • Stage and extent of cancer.
  • Show how well the treatment is

The cancers with the highest survival rates are-

  • Prostate– One of the most treatable cancers, it also has a positive survival rate as compared to the rest.
  • Cervical– One of the most common cancers in the reproductive systems of women, an early detection is very much possible with regular check-ups with your gynecologist.
  • Thyroid– This type of cancer grows very slowly allowing time for treatments and the subsequent increase in the life-span of a person.

Cancer is one of the most leading causes of deaths today worldwide and unfortunately this number is going to increase in the coming years.

For men, prostrate, lung and thyroid are the most common affecting cancers and for women, breast and cervical.

Oral cancer is common among both.

The root cause of cancer can be gene mutation which may be hereditary. The outside forces triggering gene mutation are smoking, tobacco, radiation, viruses, obesity and hormones. The most effective prevention is, refraining from any form of tobacco which is the biggest cause of cancer today. For women, menstrual and genital hygiene is of utmost importance as also regular check-ups with your doctor.

An active and a healthy lifestyle along with a balanced diet can go a long way in taking care of your health.

Ruby Hall Clinic has set up world-renowned research departments with Top Medical Oncology Units for tackling cancer head-on. The hospital also organizes International Conferences to bring together top experts in this field and deliberate on the best treatments and cures possible. Several clinical trials are also been conducted for the patients to enable them with the latest treatments which are available.

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