Breast Cancer Surgery - Ruby Hall Clinic
Breast Cancer Surgery - Ruby Hall Clinic
Breast Cancer Surgery - Ruby Hall Clinic
Breast Cancer Surgery - Ruby Hall Clinic
Breast Cancer Surgery - Ruby Hall Clinic

Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune is the first hospital to have the first "Advanced centre for excellence in Breast Care"

A team led by five of our best female doctors at Ruby Hall Clinic with over 20 years of experience in breast health services.

Specialized Breast Surgeries - Ruby Hall Clinic

Our Services


  1. Diagnostics services
    • 3D Digital Mammography (Tomosynthesis)
    • High resolution dedicated Breast Sonography with elastography
    • 3T MRI with dedicated Breast Coil
    • Vacuum assisted biopsy
    • Stereotactic biopsy
    • All image guided interventional services like Aspirations, Core biopsy, Wire localisation, Clip placement


Suitable and recommended for clinical, or cosmetic objectives delivering excellent results

  1. Breast Conservation Surgeries
    • To treat small breast cancer tumours
    • Eliminating need of complete breast removal
  2. Sentinel Node Biopsy
    • Done to minimize arm swelling and pain arising from auxiliary nodes removal, done during breast cancer surgery
  3. Breast Reconstruction Surgery
    • Done post-removal of complete breasts
    • Advanced techniques untilized to make new breasts
    • Reconstructed with implants, or body tissue
  4. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery
    • Breast augmentation or reduction
    • Mastopexy (Breast Lift)
  5. Oncoplastic Surgeries
    • Advanced, less invasive techniques for precise cancer targeting
    • Minimal scarring, maximum cosmetic care
  6. Scarless Surgeries

    This surgery is done with a vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system on a daycare basis with the single entry point of the needle whereby small benign adenomas can be removed completely without giving any scars and without any general anaesthesia. This is done under local anaesthesia with the complete removal of the lesions and great recovery.


  1. Systemic Therapy for Breast Cancer

    Multiple Medical Modalities for treatment of Breast Cancer including chemo therapy & targeted therapy.

    All these modalities are given according to particular stage & biopsy of cancer.


  1. DIBH (Deep Inspiratory Breath Hold)

    Radiation therapy to left sided breast or chest wall poses a unique challenge because of proximity of Heart and Lung. In Deep Inspiratory Breath Hold (DIBH) patient is asked to hold her breath in deep inspiration during treatment delivery. In DIBH, because of full lung expansion, the heart gets pushed away from the chest wall so naturally Radiation dose received by the heart is reduced by 50 – 70%. This can reduce late cardiac toxicities significantly

  2. APBI (Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation)

    APBI is short course high dose Radiotherapy delivered to partial breast / tumour bed area. This treatment can be given in select group of patients with early stage disease. In APBI, Radiotherapy is delivered in twice a day schedule for 5 days only instead of 1 or 1.5 month long treatment.

  3. Interstitial Implant Brachytherapy

    In this technique of Breast Radiotherapy, specialised Nylon catheters are inserted in tumour bed cavity during primary surgery. Radiotherapy is started on third post op day through these brachytherapy catheters and is given on twice a day schedule for 5 days. So the entire Radiation therapy schedule gets over in one week of post-operative period when the patient is still admitted in ward.

Our Activities

  • Multidisciplinary Team Meetings
    Weekly meetings with different specialist doctors to discuss all cancer cases
  • Breast care support group
  • Regular CMEs for education & awareness
  • Regular outreach programs & camps for early detection

Ruby Hall Clinic

Why Choose Us

Why choose department of Breast Health Care at Ruby Hall Clinic?

img img


Highly qualified & experienced


Offering privacy to all patients


At par with the best in the world


Preventing multiple trips to the hospital


For optimal patient care

Imaging Department

Latest Technology

Imaging department equpped with the latest technology equipment offering world class treatment.

The Department functions under the guidance of a dedicated senior Breast Radiologist with 20+ yrs of experience with multiple overseas training in Breast Imaging. The department has the best well trained, empathetic female technologists with many years of experience.

The first in Asia Senographe Pristina mammography suite at Ruby Hall Clinic. This concept is innovative and seen only at Ruby Hall Clinic.

An ambient and soothing set-up to offer complete privacy and comfort.

Senographe Pristina mammography suite at Ruby Hall Clinic
Senographe Pristina mammography suite at Ruby Hall Clinic
Mammography equipped with Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
Mammography equipped with Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
3T MRI Breast with dedicated Breast Coil
3T MRI Breast with dedicated Breast Coil
BARD - BD Encor Enspire VAB : Vacuum assisted Breast Biopsy system
BARD - BD Encor Enspire VAB : Vacuum assisted Breast Biopsy system
Voluson E6  and logic E-9 and EPIC :  Ultrasound with Elastography : High end Dedicated USG Machines
Voluson E6 and logic E-9 and EPIC : Ultrasound with Elastography : High end Dedicated USG Machines


Breast Intervention Procedures

The department of Breast Imaging at Ruby Hall Clinic is well equipped to do all Breast Intervention Procedures . All international standard guidelines are followed

01 / 07

Fine Needle Aspirations

For aspiration of Symptomatic simple / complicated Cysts, Abscess , Galatoceles , post operative collections etc

02 / 07

Core Needle Biopsy

These are done using single use disposable Biopsy guns under image guidance with use of local anesthesia , under all aseptic precations for accurate and fast histological diagnosis .

03 / 07

Wire Localisations

Done for minimally invasive accurate surgery for non palpable massess , sometimes for detremining histology of microcalcifications and in Post NACT cases

04 / 07

Clip Placement

Done for large tumors undergoing neo adjuvant chemotherapy for later localisation for surgery.

05 / 07

Sterotactic Breast Biopsy

For determining the histology of suspicious microcalcifications detected on mammography.

06 / 07

Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy And Resection

This is done with use of special Biopsy system with USG or mammography guidance . Gives better sample for better histology assessment .

07 / 07

Vacuum Assisted Resection

This is done under USG guidance for removal of benign tumors under local aneasthesia with use of special biopsy system .

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