The Change Agent

Who Transformed Ruby Hall Clinic

Be positive, enthusiastic and encouraging as you visibly prepare your organization for the changes ahead for healthcare. There is power in focusing on the opportunities change presents and our organizations need to hear their leaders assure them of our strategy for succeeding in a new paradigm. Personally, I know we can do a better job of healthcare delivery and population health management. Those of us in healthcare leadership owe this to America and I am delighted to be part of the transformation.

About The CEO

Bomi Bhote is the Chief Executive Officer of Ruby Hall Clinic. Under his astute and judicious leadership, Ruby Hall Clinic has witnessed a quantum rise. He was one of the key driving forces that helped to transform- what was once a 250 bedded nursing home into a nationally recognized 700 bedded multi-specialty hospital.

Bomi is a mechanical engineer who has worked in many prominent organizations like Tata Motors (then TELCO) and General Electric, USA before taking a plunge at Ruby Hall Clinic in 1977. He is a man on a mission to transform the healthcare vertical for the benefit of common man. He gives special emphasis on leveraging the benefit of technology for achieving better results. It is Bomi’s passion that is helping Ruby Hall Clinic to remain at the forefront of medical care.

Awards and Recognitions