Expertise For Gastro-intestinal Disorders


Ruby Hall Clinic provides a wide range of medical services concerning Gastro-intestinal disorders with state-of-the-art facilities. We deliver the best possible treatments blended with the ethos of compassionate care and professionalism. We offer medical services at a very affordable price.

The Department of Gastroenterology offers advanced treatment for disorders of the liver, biliary tree, pancreas, and other gastrointestinal diseases, by diagnostic and therapeutic upper and lower GI endoscopy and ERCP. Our team comprises of highly skilled Gastroenterologists and GI surgeons with vast experience in performing high-end procedures and offer medical care at par with international standards.

Facilities at a Glance

  • Dedicated Endoscopy suites to perform various diagnostic tests and treatments
  • High-end Endoscopy System and ERCP
  • High-end Laparoscopic System for GI Surgeries
  • Diagnostics and therapeutic treatment of GI diseases
  • Dedicated C-ARM

Treatment Options for Gastro-intestinal Problems

Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

  • Biopsy of upper GI tract lesions
  • Sclerotherapy for Oesophageal varices (EST)
  • Variceal ligation for Oesophageal varices (EVL)
  • Glue injection for Gastric varices
  • Oesophageal, antro-pyloric and duodenal stricture dilatation
  • Oesophageal, antro-pyloric and duodenal stenting for benign and malignant strictures
  • Foreign body removed from upper GI tract
  • Haemoclipping, injection tamponade for bleeding gastric and duodenal ulcer
  • Naso-jejunal tube placement
  • Polypectomy

Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Short Colonoscopy
  • Full Colonoscopy and ileo-scopy
  • Biopsy of lower GI tract lesion
  • Polypectomy
  • Colonic stricture dilatation
  • Colonic stenting for decompression in cases of colonic obstruction
  • Colonic decompression for volvulus
  • Injection tamponade for bleeding lesions

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP)

  • Papillotomy (EPT)
  • CBD stone removal
  • CBD stenting for benign and malignant lesions
  • Benign Biliary stricture, Bile leak, Sclerosing Cholangitis Malignant stricture
  • Carcinoma Gall bladder
  • Carcinoma Pancreas
  • Pariampullary Carcinoma
  • Cholangiocarcinoma
  • Endoscopic naso-biliary drain placement (ENBD)
  • Pancreatic sphincterotomy
  • Pancreatic stone removal
  • Pancreatic stenting

Liver Transplantation

The department has added the new attraction. We are doing both Cadaveric and Live related Transplantation. Gastro-intestinal conditions requiring consultation, our team of specialists recommends that a patient may require a consultation with Gastroenterologists if he/she is suffering from any of the following conditions:

  • Jaundice (e.g. viral hepatitis / obstructive jaundice/ biliary stone disease)
  • Chronic liver disease (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C), cirrhosis, portal hypertension, variceal bleeding, ascites
  • GI Bleeding (haematemesis/melena/fresh blood per rectum)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dyspepsia (gas, bloating of abdomen, distension of abdomen)
  • Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (acidity, heartburn, vomiting)
  • Loss of appetite, weight loss
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (chronic diarrhoea, mucus in stools, loose bowel movements)
  • Inflammatory bowel disease e.g. ulcerative colitis
  • Elevated SGOT, SGPT (could be due to chronic Hepatitis B or C, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease)
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Obesity Management

  • Endoscopic Intragastric balloon placement for Morbid Obesity is routinely done on day care basis

Panel of Doctors

Name  OPD Day OPD Timings
Dr. Nitin Pai Mon to Sat 11 AM – 2 PM
Dr. Vinit Shah Mon to Sat 9 AM – 5 PM

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