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Queries On Overseas Treatment

Leaving home to travel to another country for medical care is bound to leave you with a number of questions. Whether its before, after or during your visit at Ruby Hall Clinic, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions here to help you and your family plan your travel to India:

Before you visit:

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is simply the process of traveliing abroad to a specific destination to obtain certain medical procedures. Canadians and Europeans have been traveling outside their regions for years to obtain medical procedures due to the long waiting periods associated with socialized medicine. Now they have an opportunity to seek top quality procedures, where they can recover in anonymity and luxury at more affordable rates.

What services are included?

Your package will include pick up from the airport, local transportation within certain limits (if required), medical procedure, trip itinerary etc.

Why should I consider medical or surgical procedures in India?

The Clinical outcomes are at par with the world’s best centres having internationally qualified & experienced Doctors. Costs of the medical procedures in India are approximately 1/5th to 1/10th of costs in the West. This cost differential enables you the opportunity to have a vacation in an exotic country, recover in a 4 or a 5-star resort in complete anonymity, and then return home having spent less than the procedure alone in your country. There is no waiting time for any surgical procedures.

Is India really a better place to get medical treatment?

Yes, Currently India receives patients from over 50 countries across the world. Here are some reasons behind its emergence as the preferred healthcare destination: The cost of medical care in India is quite economical when compared to that in many western countries. India has a vast reservoir of skilled doctors. Many of them have proved their mettle in the US and UK and returned to India to work in hospitals here. The calibre of other doctors practising in India is also of a very high order.

What is the typical cost difference in medical procedures abroad?

The difference in price depends upon the medical procedure you choose. The cost is 1/5th to 1/10th of costs of many procedures in the West. This significant cost reduction enables you to purchase a round trip air ticket, recover in a 5-star resort, buy a new wardrobe, and return home saving money.

Why is medical care so much cheaper in India?

Many countries have world-renowned health care system in terms of quality and technology but have not adopted the legal system completely as in the Western countries e.g. Doctors in the US are required to pay medical malpractice insurance that usually cost over $100,000 annually. Foreign doctors are required to pay medical malpractice insurance as well, but their costs are as low as $4000 annually. In addition to this insurance, certain economies are at different stages of development than the US. This absolutely does not mean that their healthcare technologies and institutions are behind the US. In fact, most of the private hospitals in India use exactly the same machines and instruments as the most advanced hospitals in the West.

I don't know anyone in India. Then how am I to cope with travel, stay and surgery in India?

Ruby Hall will arrange for you a comprehensive package for healthcare including your travel & stay arrangements in India. You will be in the hospital until you are mobile post-surgery. Your hospital stay may vary depending upon the treatment you undergo. While in Hospital the nursing staff will take good care of you. Post the treatment, Ruby hall can arrange for a package which will help you in recuperating.

What are the surgeries offered in Indian Hospitals?

The rate list is attached in the website with the cost of treatment excluding the Stents, Implants/Devices etc. which would be at actual depending upon the requirements of the patient.

Do I have to pay any fees or commissions for your services?

We do not charge any fees or commissions from people who want to use the services of our healthcare partners.

How can I trust the skills of Indian doctors?

The calibre of other doctors practising in India is also of a very high order.

How do I pay the costs of surgery?

You pay the costs of surgery directly to the hospital or transfer to hospital bank account. The benefits of such payment are: Your money is paid directly to the service provider, i.e. the hospital and not to any intermediary.

How can I correspond with a doctor in India?

As part of our service, we will help facilitate the initial consultation between you and the doctor. Additional correspondence before travelling can be conducted via phone, email, and/or video-conference if desired.

Why should we select India as medical tourism destinations?

India has invested immense resources to build the medical tourism infrastructure. It has also built advanced transportation and communications systems. The healthcare standards, professionalism, and quality of their doctors at par with the world are best.

What if I don't find the procedure that I am interested in on your website?

You can contact us over the call or mail for any assistance.

How can it be safe to travel so far after a surgical procedure?

Your travel plans will be entirely dictated by the surgical procedure you select. Once you select a procedure and destination, we inform you about the recommended recuperation time required before return travel.

How do I go about seeking treatment/surgical treatment in India through Ruby Hall Clinic?

You could email us all your symptoms and investigations done so far and also the diagnosis made by your local Physician. Our panel of specialist doctors will scrutinise your symptoms and reports and email back to you their impression and guidance. If the feedback suggests a surgical treatment, you could send us all the clinical details and we will email you the details of the surgery, no. of days stay and cost of the whole exercise.

Who will look after me after the surgical operation?

You will be in the hospital until you are medically fit and get discharge from treating doctor. Your hospital stay may vary depending on the surgical/medical treatment you undergo. While in Hospital the attendants will take good care of you.

Want to get my surgery/medical treatment done in India. How should I go about it?

Here’s suggested step-by-step process:

  • With your initial medical inquiry sent to us, submit your name, e-mail address, postal address and contact phone numbers on our website or through a questionnaire.
  • Complete the second opinion questionnaire (Medical Quote Request Form) that we send to you by email. Basically, this Medical Quote Request Form covers current nature of your ailment/your need for a second medical opinion / various types of Diagnostic reports available with you and other medical records such as CT Scan/MRI Scans, back home hospital or clinic records, or your personal doctor’s conducted test reports/X-Rays, etc. All these past or current medical history of a patients’ information helps our board-certified medical specialists in answering your medical query with full details.
  • If further asked by our attending medical specialists/doctors for better understanding your medical conditions then send scanned copies of all your diagnostic reports/pathological reports/MRI/CT-Scans/OPG Images/Dental Moulds/X-Rays/Angiograms etc. to facilitate the second opinion. You can also use our postal address to send CD’s or Xerox copies of all reports or use our Telefax or can also use postal mail or courier to send these.
  • Based on all above you will receive full information from the attending specialist doctor’s/medical consultants advice on your medical treatment approximate cost for rough planning purposes and total duration of your stay required at the hospital with preoperative and postoperative extra stay requirement etc. based on your posted surgery/medical treatment in India medical enquiry.
  • You will receive full details about the cost of your stay at the respective treatment city using a hotel or service apartment or guest house from us. Also, full details about your treating institution/hospital in India with the profile of attending doctor’s/specialist and respective department at the Hospital where your medical treatment is suggested for your approval/consent and for planning purposes.
  • Acquire consent of your local physician to fly down to India. Inform us about consent/medical trip making condition.
  • Enter into the required Pre-registration/Consent with the hospital in India for your firm medical treatment with them.
  • Pay the surgery/medical treatment full cost/full fees to the hospital directly to book OT/doctors’ appointment/ward or room category chosen by your booking etc.
  • Receive details of your date of surgery/medical treatment via email support from us.
  • Proceed for India X Visa (given for special medical emergencies). Here you have to carry confirm an appointment with your Indian medical specialist/India hospital booking etc. papers given by us for speedy India Visa clearance.
  • Book tickets to fly to India. Inform us about your international arrival/departure flight timings and flight number etc.
  • Fly down to India. receive by our representative or hospitals. Orientations of your treatment city/hotel or service apartment or guest house stay etc. are undertaken by us for your familiarisation.
  • Meet the attending specialist/treating doctor at the hospital/treating Institution where you will undergo surgery/your medical treatment and proceed on your specific treatment/medical surgery there.
  • On completion of treatment/medical procedure/discharge from the hospital with final medical bill clearance and as per postoperative stay requirement suggested by your attending Indian medical specialist/doctor stay at the pre-booked hotel or service apartment or guest house and one’s full clearance received from attending medical specialist/doctor is received either fly back home or enjoy a recuperative holidays in India for few weeks or as per opted choice.
  • Carry medications or prescriptions for generic medicines/drugs recommended by your attending medical specialist/doctor to carry home. Afterwards continue your post-treatment follow – up if any, through email with international patients department.
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