Kidney Transplant

Efficiency In Every Step Of Renal Transplant


Ruby Hall Clinic is one of the best centers in the country for the treatment of patients with renal failure and end-stage renal disease. The institution was the pioneer in renal transplantation, performing the first living-related renal transplant and also the first cadaver renal transplant in Pune. We also received a certificate in honor for performing the first cadaver transplant in the state of Maharashtra outside Mumbai.

Till date, 325 living-related and cadaver transplants have been performed. The kidney transplant program of Rubyhall Clinic can attribute its excellent results to over 10 years of experience with renal transplantation, a cohesive and highly experienced staff and a unique collaboration of medical and surgical specialists before and after transplantation.

Doctors and their Details

Name Designation
Dr. Sadre Abhay Nephrologist
Dr. Huprikar Abhay Nephrologist
Dr. Sandeep Morkhandikar Nephrologist
Dr. Deshpande Suresh General Surgeon
Dr. Kamerkar Dhanesh Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon
Dr. Yande Shirish Urosurgeon>/td>
Dr. Bhoopat Bhati Urosurgeon
Dr. Patil Rajendra Anaesthetist