Molecular Imaging – PET CT

Supporting Treatments With Innovative Imaging


Started in 1996, this department was one of the important milestone, in the development of Ruby Hall Clinic, as it was the first Hospital owned Nuclear Medicine Department, outside Bombay, in state of the Maharashtra. Nuclear Medicine is the science of using Nuclear energy for peaceful purpose. Radiopharmaceuticals are molecules or chemicals that are attached to a small amount of radioactive isotope that once administered to the patient are able to specifically localize within organs and/or organ systems in health and disease. The imaging is done with highly sophisticated equipment known as Gamma Camera System. We have now, upgraded its imaging system three times since starting of the department, and recently has a state of the art, Dual head Gamma camera system. Services /Tests/ Treatments The Department of Nuclear Medicine provides the following services:

Diagnostic Tests


Whole Body PET CT Scan

Cardiac PET for Myocardial Viability

Brain PET for intractable epilepsy evaluation



The Latest Tech

After using Time-of-flight technology, for 10 years, Ruby Hall Clinic decided to upgrade it further
with something that is latest and the best in cancer diagnosis across the world.

Digital PET-CT is the state-of-the-art technology in the world that’s available in some top-notch
cancer institutes. Ruby Hall Clinic has installed digital PET-CT by GE Healthcare (Discovery MI)
which is first in the Asian region.

With that Ruby Hall Clinic joins the system which is now available with world’s leading oncology
centers such as Stanford, Mayo Clinic, Mass General, Dana Faber Cancer Institute & Memorial
Sloan Kettering in the United States of America.


Does a patient need to make specific preparations for a study?

Some tests require minimal or no preparation, (e.g. bone, brain, kidneys, and lungs), whereas others require specific preparations such as fasting for 2-4hours and no Beta-blocker medicines for 24 hours (cardiac studies). During scheduling of the test, the patient will be instructed for the specific preparation.

How does a patient make an appointment?

A primary physician or specialist can make a patient referral to the department or a patient make the appointment directly by calling, 020-6645 5265. OR 020-6645 5100 (60 Lines) Email :

Doctors and their Details

Name OPD Timings
Dr. Sameer Sonar(Director – Nuclear Medicine & PET CT) Mon to Sat – 2pm-6pm (By Appointment Only)
Dr. Amol Galge (Consultant, PET-CT,) Mon to Sat – 9am- 6pm