Advancing The Age Of Neurosurgery Procedures


The Neurosurgery department, instituted more than 40 years ago, has established itself as one of the finest in the country today. It is also a leading academic department with postgraduate students in Neurosurgery.

The department treats all neurosurgical conditions, with experienced consultants and supporting staff, and has always been at the forefront of the introduction of new techniques and technologies. The department has two exclusive operation theatres with WM1000 operating microscopes. With up-to-date equipment and with experienced Neuroanesthetists, the Department can pride itself in being able to deal with all benign and malignant brain tumors in all locations including Endoscopic transsphenoidal surgeries for pituitary and skull Case tumors. Surgeries for vascular ailments like aneurysms and AVMs are done with expertise.

Stereotactic surgeries are available. Neurotrauma unit is an integral part of the Neurosurgery department and has 28 NTU beds for close monitoring. Prompt and dynamic treatment is offered for patients with head injuries for diagnosis, monitoring, and surgical treatment. Neurosurgery departments deal in treatment- surgical and medical-of spinal problems. Various ailments like atlantoaxial dislocation, cervical dose prolapses, spinal tumors, lumbar disc prolapse, syringomyelia, spinal dysraphism, etc. are offered neurosurgical treatment.

Advanced Equipments

  • State of the art monitoring equipment
  • CUSA
  • Multifunctional operation table with Mayfield 2000 skull clamp
  • Budde Halo retractor system
  • Aesculap retractors
  • Microdrill and micro bipolar cautery systems
  • Zeiss Penetro 800 Operating Microscope in OT

Doctors and their Details

Name OPD Timings
Dr. Ashok Bhanage Mon, Fri 10am-4pm
Tue, Wed, Thu 1pm-4pm
Dr. Sanjay Vhora Mon – Fri 4pm-6pm
Dr. Deepak Patil Mon, Wed, Fri 2pm-5pm
Dr. Pravin Ganjre
Dr. Sachin Gandhi Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 11am-1pm
Dr. Anand Katkar Tue 4pm-6pm
Thu, Sat 2pm-4pm
Dr Vishal Bhasme Mon, Tue, Fri 10am-5pm