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Inauguration Ceremony of the Multi-Organ Transplant Center

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Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela is seen with the team #RubyHallClinic post the inauguration ceremony of the ‘Multi-Organ Transplant Center’. With this association, we are positive to bring new hopes in the life of people who have the will to live a second life.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rela, World-renowned Liver Transplant surgeon has arrived at #RubyHallClinic for the opening of our “Multi-Organ Transplant Center”. Dr. Purvez Grant – Managing Trustee, Dr. R B Gulati – Trustee, Dr. Kishor Pujari – COO, Ruby Hall Clinic (Main), Dr. Manisha Karmarkar – COO, Ruby Hall Clinic (Wanawari), Dr Sudhir Rai – COO, Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjawadi, Dr. S G Deshpande – Dr. Sanjay Pathare – Medical Director, Ruby Hall Clinic, Dr. C N Makhale – Senior Cardiologist, Dr. Prachi Sathe – ICU Director, Dr. Snehal Mujumdar – Director, Blood Bank,Dr. Manoj Shrivastav – Liver Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Nitin Pai – Director, Gastroenterology, Dr. Abhay Sadre – Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Abhay Huprikar – Nephrologist, Dr. Kapil Zirpe – NTU Director, Dr. Nita Munshi – Director Laboratory, Dr. Vijay Ramanan – BMT Surgeon and Dr. Vinit Shah – Gastrointrologist are present for the opening. We’re pleased to have him here and join hands to create more success stories.

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