Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

We Help You Recover Faster With Advanced Physiotherapeutic Procedures


The Physiotherapy Department of Ruby Hall Clinic has always embraced the changes to keep itself updated with the latest innovations. This multispecialty department aims to help patients to recover from normal physical functions and return to their everyday normal life as soon as possible. Recent Developments in our sub- rehab areas are as follows:

Neuro Rehab
Mobile electronically operated Tilting Table Functional Electrical Muscle Stimulator (Walking Man II)

Cancer Rehab
Lymphoedema therapy Silicon Breast Prosthesis & Sleeves

Ortho Rehab
Microwave Diathermy

Cardiac Rehab
Arm Ergometer

New Additional Programs
Cardiac Rehab Weight Loss Program

Mobile Tilting Table

We have a unique tilting table which is used in International Hospitals. This tilting table is mobile, which can be provided at the bedside and it provides safety to the critical patient to transfer from one place to another. Early intervention of Head injury patients is possible due to this tilting table. Also, this is electronically operated for measuring inclination according to GCS. Vital parameters are taken into consideration before shifting the patient on tilting table like pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate.


  • Head Injury
  • Strokes
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Obstructive & Restrictive lung diseases
  • Long term bedridden patients


  • Postural hypotension
  • Joint approximation
  • Cognitive training according to the Glasgow Coma Scale
  • Postural drainage in respiratory cases ]

Functional Electrical Stimulator (Walking Man II)

It is an EMG triggered functional electrical stimulator which is a biofeedback treatment modality that combines the patient’s own strength with functional electrical stimulation. The device also includes built-in walking exercise mode for patients who suffer from paralyzed limb or ambulation in central nervous system disorders such as stroke.


  • Improve muscle control by EMG Triggered
  • Improving the walking ability of Hemiplegia
  • Rehabilitation exercises for Stroke patients
  • Prevent muscle atrophy / strengthen muscles
  • Help patients to relearn the use of their muscles
  • Widen the Range of joint movements
  • Treat and prevent the dislocation of shoulder joints
  • Spasticity treatment

Cancer Rehab

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Role in Cancer Rehabilitation: In Cancer, a patient’s ability to move, work and care for themselves or their family are affected. Not only physical but also psychological well-being is affected to a large extent. Thereby Ruby Hall Clinic has started the Cancer Rehabilitation Program of which Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Recreational Therapy & Lymphoedema therapy are important aspects along with the other team members. PT & OT has large preventive, educative and supportive roles to play. We provide independent and complementary therapies for physical debility and pain. The roles are significant and varying at both the hospital and community level.

Cancer Rehabilitation Team

  • The pain consultant
  • Primary consultant
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Physiotherapist and occupational therapist
  • Dietician
  • Speech and language therapist
  • Medical social worker

For the last 3 years we have a specialized unit in Cancer building for cancer rehab. Lymphoedema Therapy and Breast Prosthesis Lymphoedema in upper and lower extremity can be greatly reduced and managed through manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and combined decongestive therapy (CDT). We have a specialized lymphatic drainage machine & lymphatic drainage sleeves. We also provide Silicon breast prosthesis to Post Ca Breast Patients. Specific individualized exercise program, counseling, and family education to the referred cancer patients are done as per reference.

Ortho Rehab

Microwave Diathermy (MWD): The recent advancement in pain management modality is in the form of MWD which is a higher version of short-wave Diathermy.


  • Frequency – 2450MHZ causing deeper penetration
  • Easy applications like small rectangular applications for localized treatment of wrist, ankle, etc.
  • Big rectangular radiator used for the spine.
  • Large field radiator is used for the lumbar region knees & shoulder.
  • Cone shaped – generic (standard radiator)
  • MWD is atomized; pre-set programmed according to the diagnoses, thus provides precision and reduces the chances of electrical burns especially in diabetic patients as their sensitivity varies.

Cardiac Rehab

For the last two years department has been successful in providing Cardiac rehabilitation program for post CABG patients. An individualized program is conducted right from Phase I- IV for 3 months. Complete physical, Psychological, Vocational assessment is done at the commencement of the program. Thereby monitored graded exercise program according to the Bruce’s Protocol is undertaken. Our Cardiac Rehab team includes Cardiac Surgeon, Cardiac Physician, Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Social worker, dietician, and other team members. Patients are counseled at the time of discharge. Patients continue on OPD basis and resume their daily routine and jobs successfully.

Fluid Ergometer

It is biofeedback equipment providing upper limb ergometery that helps to improve cardiac endurance; upper body function in post-CABG as well as Ca Breast Patients.

Occupational Therapy (Ergo – Medicine)

Our Therapist uses Occupational therapy tools that help to overcome difficulty and fatigue, help physical movement and home living skills. They include exercises through activities provide ADL training, Perceptual and Cognitive training, Orthotic and prosthesis Prescription, training and Neurological development. Specialized hand splints for plastic surgery cases are designed by our Occupational Therapist. We have been successful in providing orthosis like HKAFO to paraplegic patients and Milwaukee brace to scoliotic patients. We also provide lower limb prosthesis for amputation patient and we have been successful in making these patients walk independently. Software Professionals and clients with sedentary lifestyle often suffer from spine problems. We provide Ergonomic Program to these individuals as a preventive measure. Our therapist provides full-time services to software companies for prevention and treatment of the spinal problem.

New Addition to the Department

Our Department is well equipped to conduct Weight Loss Program for normal individuals aiming towards weight reduction and stay fit but the main benefit of our weight loss program is to those individuals who are above Average Weight with various medical problems like OA Knee, HTN, and Diabetes. Etc. Complete assessment of the problem is done prior to the commencement of the program. The program is individualized according to the condition under the medical cover. It includes physiotherapy modalities, body firmers, and cellulite therapy along with cardio exercises thus providing active and passive exercises, lifestyle modification and diet counseling. We have achieved a reduction of 3 kg weight of 63-year-old lady with diabetes, HTN and OA knee within the span of 4 weeks’ time.


  • In recent years department has been renovated and uniquely structured to cater a variety of patients. Soothing music, pleasant atmosphere, Skilled and intelligent therapists adding human touch has made it more special.
  • Hospital has been conducting a patient feedback survey. 75% of Physiotherapy patients rated our results as best performance and 25% have rated it as average.
  • CME has been conducted with the nursing department for awareness and care of breast cancer.
  • Active participation in hospital Infection Control Week. Received the best prize for the poster competition.
  • Received Best Clinical Department award in internal NABH Audit for the year Feb –2010.
  • Recently our Head of Department Dr. Smita Ingle visited Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Unit at University of Upsala, (SWEDEN) which is 1200 bedded hospital and learned advanced rehabilitation treatment-related techniques.