Rabies is 100% Fatal

Don’t Take it Casually

Ruby Hall Clinic is a Prominent Vaccination Center for Rabies

Rabies is a fatal disease, killing two Indians every hour. WHO considers any bleeding bite/scratch as dangerous (Category III) and vaccine alone is inadequate as it takes up to 14 days to produce adequate protection. So, vaccination must be combined with rabies immunoglobulins (R-Mabs/RIGs) to inactivate the rabies virus immediately on contact.

Serum Institute of India has developed with MassBiologics USA, the World’s first recombinant Rabies Monoclonal Antibody (R-Mab), a US-patented product that inactivates all Indian rabies serotypes. It is also safer & more potent that ERIG/HRIG, requiring a lower dose and is more cost-effective.

Equine immunoglobulin causes allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. Human immunoglobulin is several times out of stock and has a rare possibility of transmission of certain infection (as it is a product of human plasma). Recombinant Rabies Monoclonal Antibody has minimal side effects and can be easily available.

Recombinant Rabies Monoclonal Antibody is now available with us.

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