Technology Edge That Reflects Treatment Expertise


Radiology services are focused on early diagnosis, detection and assist in accurate therapy for all disease profiles from simple fever to complex cancers. The imaging pathways are customised to favour the safest use of radiation, contrast and matched with the highest accuracy of diagnostic acumen.

The radiology is a recognised postgraduate teaching and academic facility.  The department of imaging services has the latest radiology diagnostic equipment in the form of 3T MRI scanner, 128 Detector row CT with capabilities of performing high-end Coronary CT Angiographies and ultra-fast low radiation CT scans. The unit has 8 Ultrasound Color doppler units for routine, Emergency, specialised and intraoperative sonography X-rays are performed on the high tech Digital Radiography systems which are fully robotic and computerised with motion sensors for the patient motion to keep the unit hazard-free.

The Portable Mobile Units in Critical care units are fully digital and wi-fi enabled and connected to the hospital network for instant viewing of x-rays. The radiology department is Digitally enabled with Image on the go capability with PACS. The radiology service in general, as well as sub-speciality, served

Cutting edge technology with customised radiology services.

Mission Statement

  • Optimal care in patient centric environment
  • Best in class speciality radiology
  • Core strengths
    • Sound Clinical Radiologist
    • Experienced Technologist
    • Superlative Imaging Technology

Diagnostic Imaging

  • 3T Digital MRI
  • 128 Detector Row Low Radiation CT
  • Digital 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography
  • Digital Radiology
  • Low Radiation Bone Densitometry
  • 3D Colour Doppler Ultrasonography
  • Image-Guided Therapeutic Radiology


Most powerful latest USG units powered by Imaging leaders Like GE and Philips Healthcare – touching all aspects of radiology, integrated into  PACS.

Sonography Capabilities of Routine Wellness, Obstetric, Fetal Medicine, Liver elastography, Breast Sono mammography and Elastography and whole body colour doppler services.

MRI 3T Ingenia: State of the art technology with most advanced image quality. Ingenia delivers premium image quality with digital clarity and speed –and with iPatient, it provides patient-centric imaging, from patient set-up to image technology result. From routine studies to emerging applications Ingenia’s explorative tools and advanced diagnostic solutions increase the imaging capabilities of MR by addressing the major healthcare trends in neurology, oncology and cardiology.

CT 128 Detector row

Spatial resolution and excellent advanced clinical capabilities. Personalized image quality based on your patients’ needs at low dose. Ingenuity Core128 with iDose4, reconstruction is achieved in 60 seconds or less. Maintains  image quality at low dose. Excellence  in routine imaging, with improved image quality across a range of patients. All angiographies at lowest radiation and with safest FDA approved contrast .

Mammography Pristina

Ge Pristina Digital 3D tomography is the first in ASIA system with self compression tool to empower woman to perform their own breast exam with control over the compression technique. . The Senographe Pristina platform makes patient more comfortable , enabling suitable positioning and smoother experience for both patient and technologist.The Breast Imaging services is lead by an all womans team of radiologist, sonologist, surgeons, radiation oncologist and genetics counselling expert in house. ce T physical strain with dedicated functionalities for easier patient positioning during the mammogram.

DRX-Evolution Mobile X-ray System: India first fully robotic DIGITAL radiography since 2009.

The DRX System with wireless flat-panel detectors for routine and emergency radiology with lowest radiation.

Panel of  Doctors

Name Interest
Dr. Avinash Nanivadekar General Radiology, Body Imaging
Dr. Onkar Auti Cardio vascular Radiology
Dr. Prashant Dev Vascular radiology, Liver & Transplant Radiology
Dr. Rahul Whatkar Musculoskeletal Radiology
Dr. Prashant Dixit Neuro Imaging
Dr. Varsha Hardas Breast Radiology & Women`s Health
Dr. Beenu Varghese Breast Radiology, Ultrasound, CT
Dr. Pooja Lodha Fetal Medicine
Dr. Munde Yadav Interventional Radiology
Dr. Kaurabhi Zade Interventional Radiology

Other Diagnostics Specialities

Interventional Radiology
Pathology Lab
Molecular Imaging & Nuclear Medicine