Neuro Trauma & Stroke Unit
Neuro Trauma & Stroke Unit

Ruby Hall Clinic

At Ruby Hall Clinic, our spine specialists are committed to get you back to enjoying a pain-free life.

We provide advanced, comprehensive medical treatment for patients with back and neck problems. We use the latest in surgical and non-surgical procedures to address patients’ concerns.

Our Inspiration

Dr. K. B. Grant

Founder Chairman, Grant Medical Foundation


Dr. Purvez Grant

Managing Trustee & Chief Cardiologist


Mr.Bomi Bhote

CEO, Ruby Hall Clinic


Dr. Manisha Karmarkar

COO At Ruby Hall Clinic, (Wanowrie & Sassoon)

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Advanced & Latest Instruments

Richard Wolf Spinal Endoscopy System

ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 800 Multidisciplinary surgical microscope

Medtronics Spinal Surgical Navigation System

Medtronics Neuromonitoring System

RevoLix DUO Laser

When should you visit the Spine Clinic?

Our exclusive spine clinic deals with the following symptoms

  • Persistent or recurrent back and neck pain
  • Radiating arm or leg pain with either tingling or numbness
  • Heaviness, cramps or numbness in legs while walking
  • Your walking distance or time has reduced
  • Weakness in arms or legs
  • Loss of bowel and bladder control
  • Imbalance while walking
  • Loss of hand dexterity
  • Stiffness of back
  • Deformity of back
Our Doctors are a Call Away
Call Us on (020) 66455100
Name OPD Day OPD Timings
Dr. Randhir Kenjale
(Consultant Spine Surgeon)
Tue, Fri
Thu to Sat
2 PM – 4 PM,
10 AM – 12 PM,
11 AM – 1 PM
Dr. Hrushikesh Mehata
(Consultant Spine Surgeon)
Mon, Fri 10 AM – 1 PM
Dr. Sanjay Patil
(Consultant Spine Surgeon)
12 PM – 2 PM,
11 AM – 2 PM,
12 PM – 2 PM
Dr. Bhushan Khedkar
(Spine Surgeon)
Mon, Wed
Tue, Thurs, Sat
2PM - 5PM,
11AM - 2PM


People Says

Ruby Hall Clinic has the best doctors. You are in safe hands once they take you in as a patient. They use the latest technology to provide the best treatment to their patients. They have been extremely helpful to me with a variety of issues. Despite having a busy practice, I am almost always able to get a response to my calling and messages immediately. They are knowledgeable, accommodating, and concerned.

Manjushag Bhujbal

My mother Mrs Ashatai Salunkhe age 58 suffering from spine pain since 4 years is now able to walk properly without any difficulties. She was operated by the doctors before 15 days at Ruby Hall Clinic. They encouraged her because of that she had a successful surgery. Even one of my relative suffering from the same pain also had successful surgery because of their caring n loving team who are always taking a good care of the patients. Doctors are very humble with a lot of confidence. We were glad to have so good doctors to take over my mom’s surgery. I will recommend you all to get checkup or any spine related issue by them.

Mr. Deepak Ghosh
Video Testimonials
Mr. Raghunand Varkhede
Mr. Ashish

Sassoon Road

Spine Clinic, OPD No 12 , Superspeciality Building, Ruby Hall Clinic , 40 Sassoon Road, Pune 411001


Mon, Wed, Fri 12pm to 5 pm
Tue, Thur, Sat 11 am to 2 pm


Spine Clinic, OPD No 10, 2nd Floor, Ruby Hall Clinic Wanowrie 59/6, Kedari Nagar Rd, Disney Park, Azad Nagar, Wanowrie, Pune, Maharashtra 411040


Mon, Wed, Thur 10 am to 12 pm